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The Aaron McGruder comic strip comes to life in the animated TV series The Boondocks.  Brothers Riley and Huey Freeman find it challenging to mesh their culture with that of the Chicago suburbs when they move in with their grandfather.  The duo has a way of stirring up trouble in their new neighborhood, but Granddad Robert Freeman is just eccentric enough to keep the young boys in line.  With roughly 8 years worth of comic strip archives to work from, The Boondocks provided plenty of material for a weekly, animated TV show.  If you’ve missed it on television, you can now watch The Boondocks episodes for free online.

Target Audience

Despite its animated format, The Boondocks is appropriate for a more mature audience, and therefore airs during the “Adult Swim” block of programming on the Cartoon Network.  Much of the humor is derived from references to current events, political leaders, and a strong left-wing take on topics like terrorism and race relationships that may be inappropriate or fail to appeal to younger viewers.  For this reason, you and your family should watch The Boondocks responsibly.  Note that the episodes may air in slightly censored format for television and that the episodes on DVD are unrated.

Conflict & Controversy

As anyone who has had a chance to watch The Boondocks can tell you, the subject matter tends to be controversial.  In fact, scenes and entire episodes have been banned from airing, and can only be found on the DVDs of the show.  The satire is risqué in nature, uses language that some may find offensive, and often pokes fun at public figures and politicians.  Condoleezza Rice and Larry Elder are among the many celebrities whom McGruder has taken jabs at through the cartoon.  The issues that arise in The Boondocks spark healthy conversations and challenge viewers to be more responsible consumers of the news and media.

The unapologetic satire is what draws in many viewers to watch The Boondocks, but it also raises problems for the television stations that air the show, and McGruder has even received hate mail addressing some of his strong opinions.  The Boondocks made the Time Magazine top ten list of the most controversial cartoons of all time, along with South Park, The Simpsons, and Family Guy.

Where to Watch The Boondocks

The Boondocks premiered on television in 2005 and after several hiatus’ is back on the air with Season 4 so you can look forward to another year of episodes to watch, starting in late April 2014 with updates right here on Boondocks.net.  The Boondocks is an award-winning series that maintains a strong fan base and continues to win over new viewers with each episode aired.  You can watch The Boondocks on Adult Swim in the US, or various Cartoon or Comedy channels around the world.  The first two seasons have been released on DVD, and you also have the option to watch The Boondocks online to catch any episodes you’ve missed.

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