The Boondocks Cartoon Compilations

Aaron McGruder, creator of the popular comic strip and animated television series, The Boondocks, has compiled his cartoons into several collections.  These books about The Boondocks merit recognition for the high-quality dialog, illustration, and refreshing spin on political satire.  If you are new to the series, check out the books below to get to know characters Huey, Riley, and Robert Jebediah Freedman.  Huey and Riley are brothers who find themselves transplanted into a Chicago suburb where the culture is a bit different that the hip-hop style they are accustomed to.  Luckily, Granddad Freedman is quirky and compassionate enough to keep the boys out of too much trouble.  McGruder skillfully uses the interaction of these three main characters with the largely Democratic community in their neighborhood to raise questions about politics, race, and morality.

• Boondocks: Because I Know You Don’t Read The Newspaper

Published in 2000, this 128-page collection was the first of McGruders books about The Boondocks.  Get a glimpse into the intelligent satire that promotes discussions about racial stereotyping, hip-hop, and politics in a fresh way.  Throwing political correctness out the window, no topic is off limits to The Boondocks.  Fans of Calvin & Hobbes or Doonesbury are likely to appreciate The Boondocks.  The release of this title was well-timed following McGruder’s recognition as one of the 25 Most Intriguing People of 1999, and is the first of many books about The Boondocks.

• A Right to Be Hostile: The Boondocks Treasury

The second title to be released, A Right to Be Hostile: The Boondocks Treasury is an impressive 256 pages long, making it the largest of the books about The Boondocks.  A few highlights include references to the Iraq war, the CIA tip line, and Rush Limbaugh.  This book was published in 2003 and is one of the most popular politically bent cartoons in the world thanks to McGruder’s refreshing style.  The collection is pulled from more than four years of comic strips.

• Public Enemy #2: An All-New Boondocks Collection

This 2005 compilation of over 500 comic strips is a must-have for any Boondocks enthusiast.  McGruder’s provocative tone continues to make waves the sociopolitical arena.  Of note in this collection are strips that target such public figures as Ralph Nader, George W. Bush, and Bill Cosby.  Readers will appreciate the commentary of this collection, which is anything but mainstream.  We are reminded of tough national issues like war and poverty, immorality, and the repercussions of excessive lifestyles.

These books about The Boondocks make a great addition to any cartoon series collection, and also make great gifts.  Please keep in mind that the satire uses political and racial content that may not be appropriate for all ages.  The Boondocks series is controversial in nature and is best received by readers with open minds who like to be challenged.  All of the titles reviewed here are available new or used at  Whether you are new to the series, or a loyal fan, any of these books about The Boondocks are sure to make a great read.

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