Other Characters

Sway (voiced byhimself): The MTV News reporter who first appears in “The Story of Gangstalicious” narrating the documentary “Gangstalicious:Resurrection” and then the breaking news. He later appears in “The Story of Thugnificent” narrating the documentary “Thugnificent: Rags to Bitches.”


Xzibit (voiced by himself): He pimps the Freemancar Dorothy as a result of one of Riley’s scams, and makes a short appearance in the second season when Granddad asks him to assist with a diss rap.


Bushido Brown: He’s a kung-fu bodyguard hired by Oprah. He appeared in the season one episode “Let’s Nab Oprah” and the season two episode “Attack of the Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch”.


Wedgie Rudlin: (voiced by Donald Faison) President of entertainment for BET, and a simpering yes-man to his superiors. An obvious parody of actual BET President of entertainment (and executive producer for the Boondocks) Reginald Hudlin.


R.Kelly’s Lawyer (voiced by Adam West): The lawyer of R. Kelly who appears in “The Trial of R. Kelly” who takes advantage of the jury by playing the ‘race card’ every chance he gets and comes up with many excuses to let Kelly off the hook (e.g. saying that Tom’s marriage to a white woman and all of the evidence of Kelly’s crime are racism).Modeled after William Kunstler


Cristal: A “ho” (stripper /prostitute) who charms Robert Freeman into a brief relationship for chiefly financial reasons. Cristal aspires for more than life as a prostitute but can’t handle schooling and has no desire to do real work. She leaves Robert when her pimp (A Pimp Named Slickback) shows up at the Freeman residence searching for her, exposing her true occupation much to Granddad’s disappointment. Her name is pronounced “like the champagne”.


Eat Dirt: Gangstalicious’ rap rivalin “The Story of Gangstalicious”. In a parody of the violence that broke out at the 2000 Source Awards and the 2004 VIBE Awards, Eat Dirt is hit by a metal folding chair at an awards show, which incites a brawl. He also accidentally shot himself in a club while fighting with Gangstalicious. His speech is completely unintelligible, and a member of his crew (Mudpie) often has to translate.


Quincy Jones (voiced by himself): Appears in “A Huey Freeman Christmas” to produce Huey’s Christmas play.


The White Shadow (voiced by John C. McGinley): The secret agent sent to spy on Huey. He may or may not be a figment of Huey’s overactive imagination. The White Shadow appears in the episode, “The Real”.


Mr. Uberwitz (voiced by Judge Reinhold): Huey’s history teacher. He convinces Huey to direct the elementary school’s Christmas play, but is foolish enough to sign a contract allowing Huey to do anything to achieve his vision (even after Huey states that Mr. Uberwitz will “befired for being an irresponsible white person”). Despite his radical vision, Mr. Uberwitz appears to be one of only two adults who support Huey (Quincy Jones being the other). Appears in “A Huey Freeman Christmas”.


Martin Luther King, Jr. (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson): The late civil rights activist. Huey dreams of aworld where King was only put into a coma and woke up many years later. His “controversial” opinions (such as turning the other cheek) took him from beloved national hero to despised terrorist supporter. He and Huey try to revive the Civil Rights Movement but becomes so disgusted with the “niggers” (as he refers to them) of today that he expresses how he feels about black pop culture causing the “niggers” to become angry with their situation. Refusing to stoop to their level, he leaves for Canada where he dies in 2020 at the age of 91, the same year Oprah is elected President. He appears in the controversial episode “Return of the King”.


Cairo: Huey Freeman’s former best friend. He and Huey ended up fighting each other during Mo’s funeral. Huey apologizes by offering him a conciliatory fruit basket, but Cairo only responds with a headbutt to the face, closing his door on Huey without another word.


Dewey: Cairo’s new best friend. He is sanctimonious Afrocentric youth and fake Muslim (he greets Huey with “Salami, eggs, and bacon” and claims his name is Dewey ObababaoooMamasay Mamasa Mamakusa Jenkins) who believes that no one can be a part of the black struggle without following some guidelines, such as writing poetry, which in his estimation must follow rigid rhyming structure (often exaggerated to ludicrous effect). He also seems to believe that a head wrap, sandals, and capri pants are necessary to be “down with the struggle”.


Mo “Gunz” Jackson (voiced by Mike Epps): Robert Freeman’s former friend. He dies during the television show run; an episode focuses on the destruction of the friendship between Mo and Robert Freeman. Despite the fact that Robert spent his eulogy saying how much they all hated Mo, he finally got one last laugh on him in death by leaving him a jar of peanuts in his will(The joke being in the phrase “Deez Nuts Nicca!”.)


Aunt Cookie (voiced by Niecy Nash): Great aunt of Huey and Riley, and sister of Robert (whom she usually calls “dumbass”). She seems to care for the boys more than Robert does. She appears in the episode “Wingmen” , she is also mentioned in the episode “Shinin'”.


Chico (voiced by Barry Sobel): A Mexican who is a cook at Granddad’s restaurant in “The Itis” . His real name is unknown but he is referred to as “Chico” by Ed Wuncler because he’s a Mexican. He has taken classes in African-American history and CPR while in a community college. Incidentally, series creator Aaron McGruder has a college degree in African-American studies.


The Art Teacher (voiced by Rob Paulsen): An art teacher who is clearly a parody of painter Bob Ross in both appearance and mannerisms. He seems to be happily deranged, and is said to be a veteran of the first Gulf War. He appears in the episode “Riley Wuz Here.”


Shabazz K. Milton Berle: A black man sentenced to be executed despite the ridiculously large amount of evidence that indicates that he did not commit the crime. Somewhat modeled after Mumia Abu-Jamal. Appears in “The Passion of Reverend Ruckus”.


Usher (voiced by Affion Crockett): Appeared on the episode “Tom, Sarah and Usher”.


The Devil: Appeared in the opening of “Stinkmeaner Strikes Back”. He allowed Stinkmeaner to return to earth and get revenge on the Freemans. In that episode, Hell was portrayed as a burning wasteland with a decrepit Japanese temple as the Devil’s palace.


Ghostface Killah: Also appeared on the episode “Stinkmeaner Strikes Back” as a ghost of himself that advises Huey on how to defeat the ghost of Stinkmeaner.


Luna (voiced by Aisha Tyler): A woman who Robert Freeman invited over to Freeman household over the weekend after contacting her on MySpace, who to Freemans’ anxiety turns out to be deranged, as well as trained in the deadly kung-fu style of “White Lotus”. When Robert tricks her into leaving, lying to her that he is invited to Fidel Castro’s birthday, she learns from her friend, Nicole over the Bluetooth earpiece that it was a lie. After spying on Robert, she hears him call her a “crazy bitch”, making her upset and very angry. She then breaks into the house and locks Huey and Riley in their room, while she knocks Robert out and ties him up on his bed, planning to kill him with a gun (the same is later done to Tom Dubois). She then reveals she’s the victim of several bad (and often abusive)relationships with men, including a father who usually beats her mother. Robert convinces her to free them and take responsibility for her actions. However, more bad advice from her friend leads her to committing suicide in her car by blowing herself up with a grenade. Appears in “Attack of the Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch”.


Nicole (voiced by Tichina Arnold): Luna’s girl-friend who isn’t seen but talks over the Bluetooth earpiece Luna wears. From what is known, she also has had bad relationships with men and is single herself. She constantly gives bad and irrational advice to the troubled Luna, which eventually led to her suicide (even though she didn’t intentionally tell her to kill herself). Appears in “Attack of the Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch”.


Butch Magnus Milosevic (voiced by Daryl Sabara): A bully and sociopath who is known for knocking out kids with one punch, thus earning the nickname “One Punch Butch”. He also often terrorizes adults, and was excluded from a Catholic school for beating the nun with a pad. Butch is also overweight and seen with a permanent sneer on his face. He steals Riley’s chain which he received from Thugnificent, after knocking him out. He fights Riley for the chain in which he wins, then later discards it altogether after taking it to the jeweler and finding out it was worthless, but not before smacking Flownominal on the leg with a baseball bat after he demands the chain back. Appears in “Shinin'”.


Jericho Freeman (voiced by Cedric The Entertainer): Robert Freeman’s second cousin who Robert hasn’t spoken to in 30-40 years. He and his very large family travel from their home in New Orleans, Louisiana to Woodcrest after they were displaced by the 2005 Hurricane Katrina disaster. After much pleading, Robert allows him and his clan into his home. However, he and his grandchildren, Huey and Riley, soon find out that nearly all of them(with the exception of one girl) are lazy and unappreciative of their gratitude, although Jericho insists once he receives his FEMA check he will pay him back. However, his and the clan’s freeloading habits tests Robert’s patience forcing him to make several attempts to get them out of the household to no avail. The mail does eventually come in and he tells them that the FEMA check didn’t come as planned. However, he reveals to his son Nique that it was a ruse, showing him a check worth$200,000. He then craftily heaps praise on Granddad’s warm heart while subtly getting him repeatedly to refuse to make them pay, just in case he were ever to find out the truth, and leaves off with his family to New Orleans. Appears in “Invasion of the Katrinians”.


Tobias Lynchwater/Catcher Freeman (voiced by Donald Faison): Robert’s great great great grandfather, and Huey and Riley’s great great greatgreat grandfather, his story has been somewhat muddled in history.Robert thought that Catcher Freeman was a powerful, ninja-like abolitionist who was like “Malcolm X, Nat Turner, and Barack Obama all rolled into one.” Uncle Ruckus thought he was in fact a feral, almost dog like slave hunter. Huey’s quick research on the internet, however, revealed the truth. Catcher Freeman was actually Tobias, a house slave, and the illegitimate son of Confederate Colonel George Stenchwater. Hewas hoping to be able to buy his way to freedom by showing the colonel his creation, the world’s first screenplay. The Colonel in fact was impressed by the script, and was willing to buy the script in exchange for Tobias’ freedom. However, right at that second, the other slaves lead a revolt against the Colonel, led by the woman Tobias loved, Thelma. In the struggle, Thelma and Col. Stenchwater are locked in a hand-to-hand, and Tobias sees the Colonel’s discarded rifle. He tries firing at Thelma, so he can guarantee his freedom, but in fact misses and hits the Colonel. Tobias then decides to “join the winning team “with the revolting slaves, and leaves to Canada with Thelma, changing his name to Catcher Freeman. Both Robert and Ruckus refuse to believe the true story. Appears in “The Story of Catcher Freeman”.

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