Flonominal (voiced by Busta Rhymes): A rapper, and member of Thugnificent’s Lethal Interjection crew. His vocabulary seems to be quite limited, and uses hip-hop slang frequently at the end of, even in between his sentences, and if he can’t think of anything else to say such as “Word!” and “Nah mean?”. Although he puts on a hard-man, gangsta facade and is as loud as Thugnificent at times, he is shown to be soft and sensitive, as seen as when his mother called him and scolded him about the controversy caused the Lethal Interjection label and the constant attacks on the elderly by Thugnificent’s rivalry with Robert Freeman (Granddad), and when Butch Magnus Milosevic hit him on the leg with a baseball bat, after demanding Riley’s chain back.

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