Huey Freeman

Huey, the show’s protagonist, is a ten-year-old black leftist revolutionary radical who is portrayed as both a voice of reason and, at times, a mouthpiece for contemporary Afrocentrism. He is an excellent swordsman and near master practitioner of kung fu, as seen in the episodes “Let’s Nab Oprah” and”…Or Die Trying”. He maintains an austere yet strangely loving relationship with his brother, Riley, and has shown the willingness to go out of his way to prevent his brother from succumbing to bad influences (occasionally giving him some “tough love”). Over the course of the comic strip and television series, Huey retains a sober demeanor, tending not to let his countenance relay his mood. During most episodes, Huey takes on the role of narrator, and it is often only through his narration that his thoughts and emotions are revealed.

Well-read and precocious in terms of intelligence, Huey does not hesitate to challenge ignorance wherever he recognizes it, even if it comes from his own grandfather, Robert. Though Huey obeys and respects Robert to the extent expected of a ten-year-old, he has demonstrated a maturity that perhaps surpasses his more cantankerous, at times peevish grandfather. Nevertheless, his granddad is often the first person he turns to when something is on his mind.

In the comic strip, Huey had a best friend, Michael Caesar, who effectively balanced out Huey’s pessimistic world outlook with his upbeat personality and temperament. Since Caesar has yet to make an appearance in The Boondocks televisions how, this niche is being filled by Huey’s neighbor, Jazmine Dubois. Jazmine, unlike Caesar, tries to balance Huey’s demeanor with a childlike, naive innocence. Although Huey sometimes treats Jazmine coldly, he has shown a proclivity to empathize with her on occasion.

Some readers and critics alike believe that Huey acts as the vehicle for delivering some of creator Aaron McGruder’s more radical political views.

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