Rev. Rollo Goodlove

Rev. Rollo Goodlove (voiced by Cee-Lo): An African-American left-wing activist whose activism seems more to get him media exposure than to show his opinion on the issue. He originally appeared in the censored Boondocks episode “The Hunger Strike”, as a supporter of Huey’s hunger strike against BET, but has betrayed him in the end in exchange for an up-and-coming sitcom called “My Dad Rollo”. He also tried to help the Freemans receive compensation for the “slur” Mr. Petto voiced out to Riley. Hethen turned it into a political debate between himself and Ann Coulter(which was carefully orchestrated) giving him more media exposure. His protest was overshadowed (forcefully with rifles) by elderly women protested for the right to own guns. Granddad was certain he will receive lots of money for the incident. His character is loosely based on Rev. Al Sharpton

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