Season 1

Episode 1.  The Trial of R. Kelly – The trial of hip hop star R. Kelly comes to the Boondocks and Huey & Riley clash about the ‘underage peeing’ issue.

Episode 2. Guess Hoes Coming to Dinner – A strange but beautiful lady suddenly arrives into Granddad’s life. Riley and Huey both disapprove when they find out she is not what Granddad thinks.  She turns out to be a prostitute.

Episode 3.  The Garden Party – Granddad’s worst nightmare of the boys embarrassing him in front of the new neighbors comes to fruition when they attend a high society garden party. Spoiler Alert – There will be gunfire.

Episode 4.  Granddad’s Fight – Colonel Stinkmeaner and Granddad and have a fight. It’s one old man’s blindness verses the other’s weakness.  A “Slugfest in Woodcrest’ begins.

Episode 5.  The Real – Riley’s convinces 2 reality shows that Granddad is running a homeless shelter as a crazy old blind man while his brother is shadowed by a federal spy. Is any of it real?

Episode 6.  A Date With the Health Inspector – Tom Dubois, the local DA and model citizen matches the description of the recent “X-Box Killer” to a tee and is therefore arrested. As Tom prepares to be shipped off to prison where he will be manhandled and butt raped,  Huey must find the real killer.

Episode 7.  The Story of Gangstalicious – Title after the name of Riley’s favorite Ganster Rapper, this episode see’s him shot in hood of Woodcrest. When Riley goes to visit Gangstalicious in the hospital he finds more than he expected. He finds that rappers who write songs like “Thugin’ Luv” may not be the bad ass’s they portray.

Episode 8.  The It is – Granddad opens a soul food restaurant in Woodcrest. The local white people are surprised and then shocked by their gains in belt size, high cholesterol, heart attacks.

Episode 9.  A Huey Freeman Christmas – Huey is given the chance to direct his school’s Holiday play by his far left leaning teacher.  The result is Huey’s vision of “The Adventures of Black Jesus.”

Episode 10.  The Return of the King – MLK awakes from a coma after 30+ years and finds it difficult to adjust to modern times.  His “turn the other cheek” philosophy makes him viewed as a terrorist sympathizer rather than the national hero he was best known for.

Episode 11.  Wingmen – The Freemans return home after Granddad’s dearest friend passes away.  He and Huey learn to put the past behind them in order to move on.

Episode 12.  Let’s Nab Oprah – Riley plans to kidnap Oprah Winfrey.  His brother and loser friends must stop him.

Episode 13.  Riley Wuz Here – Woodcrest Neighbors wake up to graffiti murals on their houses thanks to Riley Freeman.  A friendly but psychotic veteran and art teacher try to reel him in.

Episode 14.  The Block is Hot – Jazmine learns about free markets while running a lemonade stand to corporate raider Ed Wuncler.

Episode 15.  The Passion of Ruckus – Huey tries to save his friend Ruckus from the death for spreading racial religious preaching of a White Heaven.

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